MG Gost - 'Waking Walk' LP

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For those who don't know about MG Gost, he is an extremely talented producer/musician residing in Novi Sad, Serbia. A member of the well respected 'Hain Teny' collective, MG Gost is always creating that dope 'ish.

'Waking Walk' is the debut LP from MG Gost and features an all-star emcee lineup, such as G-Force, Tableek, Jack Jones aka Audessey, Cadence and many more. The album also features 2 bonus remixes, courtesy of Dirty Hairy and Slone.


Side A:
1. Hip Hop (feat. Thesaurus Rex)
2. Hand Me The Crown (feat. G-Force)
3. Thats Whats Up (feat. Tableek)
4. Happy People
5. Dream Chaser (feat. Jack Jones)
6. Art & Fun (feat. MC Seek)

Side B:
1. Diggin In The Crates (feat. Baba Israel)
2. Destination Earth (feat. Cadence & V'Zion)
3. Esency
4. Believe Me (feat. Tony Diggs & V'Zion)
5. Dream Chaser DIRTY HAIRY REMIX (feat. Jack Jones)
6. Dream Chaser SLONE REMIX (feat. Jack Jones)

12" Black Vinyl with sticker sleeve. Limited to 325 copies only.

Audio Snippets:


by MG Gost
Image of MG Gost - 'Waking Walk' LP
Image of MG Gost - 'Waking Walk' LP
Image of MG Gost - 'Waking Walk' LP